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Employer Benefits

Delta Advisory Group works with employers and business owners to design and implement strategies that provide additional life, health, and retirement benefits above and beyond the basic employee benefit scope.

Together we create a customized long-term vision for the future, supported by a detailed plan so your wealth and resources won’t be left to chance. 

Our process ensures that the things you do to help your employees achieve their future goals won’t inhibit you from realizing yours.


Non-Qualified Deferred Compensation
Cash Balance Plans
Supplemental Executive Retirement Plans
Group Term Carve Out Programs
Split Dollar Plans
Executive Long-Term Care
Supplemental Disability
Compensation Consulting
Financial Entitlement Planning
Section 162 Bonus
Beach at Sunset

Retirement Planning For Employers

Delta can help your employees reach their retirement goals

While a successful plan is more than just the investments, Delta Advisory Group is unique in that it provides a proven portfolio management process that helps plan participants optimize their retirement savings. Whether you offer your employees a defined benefit plan or a defined contribution plan, we offer an independent approach to providing the plan, investment policies, and compliance practices needed to have a worry-free solution.

Delta Advisors provide the services and expertise needed to help your employees reach their retirement goals. Our proprietary 401K plan offers the highest quality investment options to choose from including a myriad of sector funds and, in some cases, the ability to buy individual stocks.

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Plan Consulting

This consultative process is designed to understand your needs, providing appropriate retirement solutions and implement an ongoing management process to ensure your plan remains compliant in this changing regulatory environment. Our qualified benefit services include:
Employee Financial Planning & IRA Services
Alternative Investment Education
Tactical Third Party Manager Selection
Asset & Liability Studies
Customized Plan Design & Ongoing Compliance Monitoring
Fiduciary Assistance & Board / Pension Staff Education
Specialized Solutions for Highly Compensated Employees
Employee Education & Resources To Increase Plan Participation
Asset Allocation & Portfolio Management
Investment Policy Statement Design & Monitoring
Flexible Investment Options
Vendor Selection Search
Request for Proposal Process Management
Fee Recapture and Plan Benchmarking Studies

Our Process


Identify & Evaluate Objectives


Contact Plan Providers & Administrators


Analyze Data & Make Recommendations


Ongoing Due Diligence & Educational Support

One of the things that really set us apart as a plan consulting firm is that we provide ongoing due diligence and educational support for the plan committee and plan participants. In our estimation, it’s simply not enough to set up a plan and simply close the door behind us. The capital markets are complex and ever-changing. For this reason, we provide ongoing support to help your company and your employees reach their long-term financial goals.

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